Review *****  FAMILY, A Picture Book  

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of ANY kind!  

The perfect gift for Adopters...

A Stranger Called Mummy, A Picture Book  

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​'If bad things happened, like with me, Mummy and Daddy will tell

you how to talk more. They help you learn'.  

A collection of thought provoking photographs with quotes from a Six year old talking

honestly about her experience of adoption and advice she has for adoptive families, relatives, teachers and friends.  Encourage a new family or prepare your bookshelf for an adoptee with

this little gem!   ​​

Are you missing out? ​​

Use of 'Pupil premium' in school

Schools across the UK are in receipt of additional funding for children who were previously or are currently in care and this includes children who have now been formally adopted. Ask your school how its being spent to help your child's development. Check out the guidance for schools and parent/guardians on the government website... 

WORLD BOOK DAY - A Fresh entry !

Meet the Peas, A Waddl Poetry Book  

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​'Hear wise words from Poppa Pea or Sweet-Pea and her brother.

Short Pea-poems to make you smile, green faces like no other!' 

Children build empathy as the peas talk about their feelings

in a fresh and lighthearted way with an overriding message of acceptance.

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'Home for Good' Meets the Peas! 

Check out the story behind the Author of 'Little Green Pea' on the Home for Good website.  Why not take a look at the

amazing work of Home for Good on their homepage while you're there?

Little Green Pea Publications are trauma-informed and attachment-friendly resources for primary age children from ANY background. Click here for the new books

Formerly known as 'WADDL' some of the Little Green Pea resources are specifically designed to normalise and de-stigmatise the concept of Adoption or Fostering for Children (alongside some poetic treats for adults in 'I Guessed').

You can find these specific resources on our 'Adoptive-pods' page.

Available to buy from Amazon     

A book for little peas who dip into their 'smile stash' when things get tricky but find themselves ready to explode afterwards. 

Perky Pea has a tricky day at school but what will she do when the spare smiles run out? 

 Growing attachment in peas and pods    

​NEW - Perky Pea and the secret smile stash



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