​  Perky Pea and the secret smile stash  (New)

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Pickle Pea finds the playground tricky. He's trying out all sorts of ideas to get his friends to include him but the teacher wants them to line up in pairs and he doesn't have a partner. 

Through lighthearted poetry, this book helps children identify some familiar playground behaviours that can be unhelpful and invites them to think (along with Pickle) about how to find friends in what can often be the hardest part of the school day.

​  Pickle Pea and the Disappearing Friends  (New)

 Pickle Pea.. and The Pester Bug

We have chosen to publish this e-book with the lowest possible profit option (costing you 99p to download to kindle, UK) and with 14 days free sharing once you download.  Hope this helps! 

*Wondering how to download? Just download the FREE Kindle app to the device you'd like to read this e-book on.  Once you've purchased the e-book on Amazon it appears in your kindle App library.

* ​Especially helpful for little peas with attachment difficulties or low self-worth that can lead to meltdowns. 

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Books and resources for children of any* background. These resources are specifically designed to be sensitive to the needs of children who have experienced trauma or may have attachment difficulties. 

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Perky Pea hides behind pretend 

smiles at school until one day, when she gets upset, the spare smiles run out and she is ready to explode! 

This book gently explores how we all dip into our 'smile stash' sometimes but it's  okay to show how we feel and avoid keeping our true feelings locked in.

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This e-book (paperback also available) offers children reassurance and fresh perspective amidst the current Coronavirus outbreak. 

It is written for ANY children experiencing worry in the current pandemic. Pickle pea addresses some of their concerns as well as encouraging us all to consider community spirit and spreading kindness.