A Post from the Pod 

​​​​​​The mission? 

To offer children a positive way to make sense of the world around them. Read about the real-life Pea family that started it all here: 


Why Little Green Pea?

The general concept of the Little Green Pea mission can be applied to all sorts of families and childrens' experiences of living in them. You might have noticed a little green pea that is slightly different to his family. We don't always see differences but it can be important to recognise what makes us unique and how one pea might need to be parented, taught or supported in a different way to another pea in the same pod!

Specifically though, children who have experienced trauma or have attachment difficulties (for any number of reasons) can find the world a very challenging place. Things may be complicated because a child is living in foster care, has been adopted, has experienced physical or emotional trauma or significant negative life events. Whatever the situation though, there are lots of strategies to help children navigate their way safely into to adulthood, most of which start with a conversation... 

Little Green Pea offers simple resources to start these crucial conversations and help grow positive peas. 

At Little Green Pea we want to encourage ALL children (and grown-ups ) to consider what it is like for children who don't have a secure attachment to other peas in their pod, or find some situations more challenging because of a past experience. 

Pod Conscience 

This is a not-for-profit enterprise. If you would like to support our cause or get involved please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!